Meaning of exploiter in English:


Pronunciation /ɪkˈsplɔɪtə/

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See exploit

‘With this concern have come the unending droves of promoters, frauds, and exploiters who traditionally prey upon the naive and trusting.’
  • ‘For much of the film it is hard to see him as anything but a shallow, pretentious exploiter thinking only of his own pleasure.’
  • ‘A vast majority of people supported his government's policy, and ‘only a handful of exploiters are opposing a decision that has been taken in the best national and international interest’, he asserted.’
  • ‘There also seems to be no shortage of news outlets willing to make companies out to be the evil exploiters of labor and customers - after all, it sells newspapers.’
  • ‘The symbols and culture of the middle class have proliferated to the point that many individuals are both the exploited and the exploiters.’