Meaning of explosive bolt in English:

explosive bolt


  • A bolt that can be released by being blown out of position by an integral explosive charge.

    ‘It wouldn't open with the manual release, but the emergency explosive bolts still worked, and the door flew fifty feet before crashing into the dusty lunar surface.’
    • ‘About 123.6 seconds after liftoff, computer commands are relayed for another set of explosive bolts to detonate and separate the boosters from the orbiter's external fuel tank.’
    • ‘Sam cautiously approached to within three meters of the back of the jeep when the rear door on the driver's side flew off as though it had been mounted with explosive bolts.’
    • ‘The antenna is fitted with explosive bolts enabling it to be jettisoned quickly in an emergency, such as in preparation for a forced landing.’
    • ‘Apparently the test pilots have parachutes with them and the doors are fitted with explosive bolts so they can blow them off and jump out if it all goes pear-shaped.’