Meaning of expository in English:


Pronunciation /ɪksˈpɒzɪtri/

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  • Intended to explain or describe something.

    ‘an expository prologue’
    • ‘The story described an expository account of a college student's series of encounters with spiders.’
    • ‘I am not interested in being a descriptive and expository writer.’
    • ‘Such work may, for expository purposes, be described at three levels: organisational, group and individual.’
    • ‘The passages are roughly similar in length to the expository passages described earlier.’
    • ‘For want of a better adjective, the prose is very expository.’
    • ‘Instead of poetic diction, we have expository prose.’
    • ‘The inessential stuff between scenes, the transitions and build-ups and detailed expository explanations, are mainly not there - or only as much as they need to be.’
    • ‘The series followed a conventional expository format with reconstructions illustrating an investigation into why certain species had expired.’
    • ‘John Baez is a mathematical physicist working on quantum gravity, who has become well-known for his wonderful expository articles on all sorts of physics topics.’
    • ‘The inversion of this is certainly true: the best expository writing is controversial, argumentative or polemical, as well as explanatory.’
    • ‘Still, as one expository chapter follows another, with technically correct but rather dull repetitions of what has been said before, one begins to speculate about how to improve matters.’
    • ‘Windy expository passages drag down the narrative while plot points dead-end and several characters go virtually undeveloped.’
    • ‘In college, I enjoyed composition and expository writing and achieved my highest grades in those classes.’
    • ‘In these, the last years of his life, he wrote often, sometimes a teasing postcard, sometimes an expository letter six pages long.’
    • ‘I blog because it's a way for me to practise my expository writing and get exposure for all my creative and non-creative output.’
    • ‘In each issue users will find an article covering some base of creative or expository writing.’
    • ‘Oddly for such a visual director, he lays out the themes in clumsy, expository dialogue instead of just showing us.’
    • ‘Second, doctrinal instruction need not oppose expository preaching, for it can rest on solid interpretation and can supplement such preaching.’
    • ‘But for each little detail neatly answered within the film's overly expository dialogue, there are five glaring questions that go unanswered.’
    • ‘Some have compared her editing technique, with its expository gaps and elliptical cutting, to jazz improvisation, since it has a decidedly rhythmic, musical quality.’
    explanatory, descriptive, describing, elucidatory, elucidative, explicatory, explicative, interpretative, illustrative, illuminating
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