Meaning of expostulation in English:



See expostulate

‘This, under the circumstances, has been justly characterized by one of the witnesses as an expression of remonstrance or expostulation.’
  • ‘Blame, expostulations, recriminations and horseplay - David provides an up-close-and-personal document of the family's most wrenchingly private moments.’
  • ‘Compare and contrast the treatment meted out to Minister Lewis, who was constantly interrupted with incredulous comments and expostulations.’
  • ‘Anybody who has been the victim of a judge who has been premature in his expostulations has good reason to recall how devastating outbursts can be.’



/ɪkˌspɒstjʊˈleɪʃn/ /ɛkˌspɒstjʊˈleɪʃn/