Meaning of expounder in English:



See expound

‘Its expounders view the market-led development strategy as a means of achieving prosperity.’
  • ‘O'Gorman was one of the principal expounders of functionalist architecture in Mexico.’
  • ‘The most just exposition of the sacred texts, and relation of them to the issues and causes of the parish, gave the expounder a right to judge and to minister to spiritual needs.’
  • ‘He's an unwitting folklorist, a collector and expounder of hipster philosophy, barroom trivia, and pseudoscience.’
  • ‘Playfair earned for himself a high reputation in at least three branches of pure science, not primarily as a discoverer but rather as an expounder of theories.’



/ɪkˈspaʊndə/ /ɛkˈspaʊndə/