Meaning of expulsive in English:



See expulsion

‘Uncontrolled hypertension presents an increased risk of orbital haemorrhage during injection of local anaesthetic and potentially of peroperative suprachoroidal expulsive haemorrhage.’
  • ‘Traction should be in line with the pelvic axis and coordinated with maternal expulsive efforts.’
  • ‘He was so outraged by what he saw as a sort of angry, expulsive element, that he wanted no truck with it.’
  • ‘Whether one argues that the country is responding to an oppressive regime with expulsive force or aggressively targeting the nation, they won't be doing anything they haven't done before.’
  • ‘A cough has three different phases: the inspiratory phase, the compressive phase, and the expulsive phase.’



/ɪkˈspʌlsɪv/ /ɛkˈspʌlsɪv/