Meaning of exsert in English:



[with object]Biology
  • Cause to protrude; push out.

    ‘when soil moisture is low, the plants lack the vigour to exsert the styles and stamens’
    • ‘On the basis of the phylogenic relationships, autogamous species most likely evolved from self-incompatibility ancestors that have exserted stigmas.’
    • ‘In flowers of short-styled individuals, the top of the stigma is located just above the midpoint of the corolla tube and stamens are slightly exserted.’
    • ‘All three subspecies are white flowering with a tubular corolla and a long style that exserts the stigma from the corolla tube.’
    • ‘The exserted stamens and feathery stigma branches, unique in the family, along with the preference of most species for open habitats, suggests wind pollination.’
    • ‘The flowers lack petals and display 8 prominently exserted stamens and a single exserted style.’



/ɪkˈsəːt/ /ɛkˈsəːt/


Mid 17th century from Latin exsert- ‘put forth’, from the verb exserere (see exert).