Meaning of extemporaneously in English:



See extemporaneous

‘It's pretty common to make this sort of error when one says something extemporaneously; as I've said before, just read some transcripts some time.’
  • ‘She arrived to an enthusiastic ovation and spoke, as she almost always does, quite extemporaneously.’
  • ‘I'm going to pose to each of them a question to which they will respond extemporaneously - no PowerPoint presentations, no viewgraphs.’
  • ‘Her talent for extemporaneously getting into character in front of a camera has been widely acclaimed.’
  • ‘In most instances, we were shooting on the streets extemporaneously.’



/ɪkˌstɛmpəˈreɪnɪəsli/ /ɛkˌstɛmpəˈreɪnɪəsli/