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[with object]
  • 1Cause to cover a wider area; make larger.

    ‘the car park has been extended’
    • ‘So far, Nepal has created fourteen protected areas, covering at least ten percent of the country's land mass, and there are plans to extend these protected areas.’
    • ‘There are now plans to extend the area covered by the partnership to the villages of Wrelton, Aislaby, Middleton, Cropton, Rosedale and Sinnington.’
    • ‘Commenting on the report's recommendation on ride encroachment, the senior zoo spokesman said there were no future plans for the theme park and the rides to be extended into the zoo area.’
    • ‘Councillors said they wanted the 20 mph speed limit zones, which cover some of the Westgarth area, to be extended.’
    • ‘Mr Chilufya said the investor had grown 30 hectares of bananas this year, which would be extended every year to cover the whole area.’
    • ‘Our geographic district has been extended so that we cover an area at least double the previous size.’
    • ‘And thus desert and sandy areas are being extended by the impact of wind, and therefore further desertification is taking place.’
    • ‘As a result the footpath in this area will be extended, narrowing the carriageway, but creating a more pedestrian friendly environment.’
    • ‘If it works, it may be extended throughout the Bradford area.’
    • ‘Cllr Brian Stanley said it was important that the meter area for Portlaoise be extended.’
    • ‘Some local businessman and councillors wish to expand Kendal to the north, extending the Sandylands area and Shap Industrial Estate northwards.’
    • ‘If indeed the increase is based on improving water supply lines and extending these to areas formerly neglected, there is merit in the move.’
    • ‘This morning I have extended the area covered by the capillary matting in the sun room, and added in the second water reservoir, as more and more things need to go out there.’
    • ‘Dramatically framed by alpine peaks, it extends an existing residential area.’
    • ‘Built on pillars, the octagonal wood-frame gazebo juts out over the slope, extending the outdoor living area.’
    • ‘So we joined the fray, and asked Pendle Borough Council for the proposed conservation area to be extended.’
    • ‘It is for the same reason the council has asked for the boundary to be extended in the Chalumna area.’
    • ‘Of the options they will be asked to consider, extending St George's Hall seems to be a non-starter.’
    • ‘Questions have already been raised over whether Glasgow should extend its boundaries to increase its tax revenue base.’
    • ‘Mr Green wants to make alterations and additions to the building to create a new restaurant, extend his kitchen and increase the number of toilets.’
    expand, enlarge, increase, make larger, make bigger, make greater
    widen, expand, broaden
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    1. 1.1Cause to last longer.
      ‘they asked the government to extend its period of deliberation’
      • ‘The former Development Officer alleges that the suggestion that his probation period should be extended came from a representative of one of the Chambers of Commerce.’
      • ‘The martial law status was imposed on troubled Aceh on May 19 for a six-month period and was extended for another six months on Nov.19.’
      • ‘The public should be encouraged to register now instead of sitting back and hoping that the period will be extended or get discouraged because the process is slow.’
      • ‘Orthodox Serbians are asking for the Christmas period to be extended but the borough council is sticking with tradition and taking down the decorations tomorrow.’
      • ‘Schule added that Musser's probationary period had been extended for the M.D. to see what the new provincial guidelines would be.’
      • ‘We've told the industry that the licensing program we put in place during the safeguard period will be extended.’
      • ‘In turn, that will necessarily mean that the trauma inflicted on the victim by the legal system itself will be extended over a period of years.’
      • ‘By law, children can stay at the temporary centre for up to three months, though that period can be extended in exceptional cases.’
      • ‘The new lending period has been extended from two to three weeks.’
      • ‘Mr Brennan pointed to the outturn of the decision which allows State aid to be extended from a period of three years to one of five years.’
      • ‘If the move is a success, the eight-week period could be extended.’
      • ‘In exceptional circumstances, the period can be extended, as it was for the highly complex Lockerbie bombing trial.’
      • ‘A spokeswoman said the transition period had already been extended from the proposed three years.’
      • ‘Mr Prescott would then have 21 days to reach a decision, although this period could be extended if necessary.’
      • ‘Meanwhile for the individual events, the waiting period has been also extended from one year to two years.’
      • ‘The period of detention was further extended for a short period before the man was released without charge.’
      • ‘The screening period will be extended if there are enough viewers, but if not, the film's out.’
      • ‘I am glad to see that the consultation period has been extended again.’
      • ‘He was detained first for a six hour period which was then extended by a further eighteen hours.’
      • ‘All the data can be kept for five years in the system and the saving period can be extended if needed.’
      prolonged, protracted, long-lasting, long-drawn-out, drawn out, spun out, dragged out, strung out
      continue, carry on, run on, last, stretch, stretch out, spread, range, reach, lead
      prolong, lengthen, increase, continue, run on, keep going, perpetuate, sustain
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    2. 1.2Straighten or spread out (the body or a limb or device) at full length.
      ‘hold the index finger down with the thumb extended’
      • ‘His left leg was extended straight, spread across the length of the table, while his right leg hung limply off the side, his foot slowly brushing across the floor.’
      • ‘The soaring creature opened a large but blunt fist, extending its fingers their full length.’
      • ‘Straighten your legs, extending your arms in front of you.’
      • ‘Amy then extended her arms and spread her legs to increase wind resistance, and Kevin was able to catch up with her.’
      • ‘Lie on your back, legs straight, and extend your arms overhead, stretching your hands and feet as far apart as possible.’
      • ‘In supine poses the front of the body is extended as the arms stretch over the head.’
      • ‘Begin by powerfully pulling the medicine ball/weight across your body, extending your arms in front of your torso, until you reach a point just outside your left hip.’
      • ‘He could not take it any longer, and tried to push up my body extending his left arm.’
      • ‘The outer arms were extended away from the body.’
      • ‘She stopped, glaring deep into Sarah's eyes, she shifted her body, extended her arm and opened their way off the bus.’
      • ‘When you extend your legs your body forms a V shape; when you lower your legs your feet form a V shape.’
      • ‘Step two: clench your fists and extend your two thumbs.’
      • ‘At the bottom of the motion, reverse direction by extending your legs and straighten back up to the start position, exhaling as you complete the movement.’
      • ‘To make this move more challenging, maintain position and let go of your legs, extending arms straight in front of you, palms facing in.’
      • ‘Grab a medicine ball with both hands and extend your arms straight out along the sides of your head and just above the floor.’
      • ‘She suffered torn knee ligaments and a broken right heel and is unable to extend one leg fully 14 months after the accident.’
      • ‘With her body hidden, she extended the hand with the bag towards the door.’
      • ‘Before the operation his elbow was 17 degrees off straight which prevented him extending his arm fully; after the surgery the bend is down to 12 degrees.’
      • ‘Holding the block, extend your legs straight up in the air so they your torso and legs make a 90-degree angle.’
      • ‘Standing in an upright position, hold on to a chair for support, then extend your left leg straight behind you until you feel your buttock tighten.’
      stretch out, spread out, reach out, straighten out, open out
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    3. 1.3no object Spread from a central point to cover a wider area.
      ‘the damage extended 400 yards either side of the shop’
      • ‘The study area currently extends 300 km off the east side of the Peron Peninsula and includes more than 600 animals.’
      • ‘It has headroom of about 6.1 metres and a large secure yard area that extends 31.8 metres.’
      • ‘The architect and the engineers developed a rigid ‘hollow tube’ design of closely spaced steel columns with floor trusses extending across to a central core.’
      • ‘The central spine extends out the front to form a double volume entrance and out the back as a secondary entry point and change rooms for the outdoor sports.’
      • ‘The Auk Formation is widespread in the UK Central North Sea and extends northwards into the southern Viking Graben.’
      • ‘These two deserts dominate the eastern part of the country, and form part of an arid landscape extending into Central Asia and Pakistan.’
      • ‘The rays extending from the central eye look a great deal like an alchemical symbol.’
      • ‘The desert sands of central Western Australia extend right up to the coast at Shark Bay; there are no rivers and rainfall is extremely low.’
      • ‘It has two large, bubble-shaped cavities that extend away from a central black hole.’
      • ‘Motorists leaving Knock village are faced with a 100 kph limit on a stretch of road that extends 54 yards to the main N 17 by-pass road!’
      • ‘Neurodegeneration, marked by extensive vacuolization, is especially prominent in the optic lobes of vacu flies but extends into the central brain as well.’
      • ‘Continuous central tubular spongocoel extends upward from preserved early juvenile chambers to open at the top of the uppermost chambers in tallest specimens.’
      • ‘Previous Chandra observations of the Perseus cluster showed two vast, bubble-shaped cavities in the cluster gas extending away from the central black hole.’
      • ‘Decorative embellishments consist of two cobalt blue swags extending from a central round cobalt blue floral motif to the left and right handles.’
      • ‘The eastern edge of the stand extended slightly beyond the limits of the larger trees that bordered the shoreline.’
      • ‘The spine wall at this location thus functioned as a retaining wall, allowing the floors of the rooms to extend 1.50 m beyond the limits of the bedrock shelf.’
      • ‘With the initial success of the Nuccaleena mine, many people believed that its copper deposits extended far beyond the limits covered by section 105.’
      continue, carry on, run on, last, stretch, stretch out, spread, range, reach, lead
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    4. 1.4no object Occupy a specified area.
      ‘the mountains extend over the western end of the island’
      • ‘The Burren area extends some 40 kilometers from east to west and 30 kilometers from north to south.’
      • ‘These residues expand a region extending from the C-terminus of S5 to the N-terminus of S6.’
      • ‘This farm grain bin near Firth was typical of the storm damage that extended from central to eastern Nebraska.’
      • ‘The flood area extended from central Devon Street down Brougham Street to the railway shunting yards.’
      • ‘The damage extended about 250 yards across the compound.’
      • ‘Flights are conducted during the day to minimise noise and cover an area which extends from mid-France to Denmark and from the United Kingdom to mid-Poland.’
      • ‘Central Park extends from the 59th to the 106th Street.’
      • ‘This extends east from central Java across to Papua.’
      • ‘In recent years, China has been striving to build up its military and expand the scope of its maritime activity to cover an area that extends from the East China Sea as far as the western Pacific Ocean.’
      • ‘Several hail storms damaged or destroyed fields in an area extending from western Nebraska south to central Kansas.’
      • ‘Exploration of the structures of the back revealed extensive bruising with haemorrhage in the central back region extending over 8-9 centimetres.’
      • ‘The screen extended from the central keyboards before the seats to well near the ceiling of the room, and it hummed contentedly with electric life.’
      • ‘The alpine area to be covered by the study extends from Capilano River to Deep Cove with access points in Capilano, Lynn Valley and Seymour.’
      • ‘The Universal Calibration Lattice extends from the central core of the human body to a distance of about two feet out and around the body and is a network of interconnecting energy strands formed of golden fibres of light.’
      • ‘Palaeobiogeographers have considered it to be an equatorial seaway extending from Central America to South-East Asia, characterized by a distinctive fauna.’
      • ‘One part of the distribution encompasses much of North America, a second part extends throughout Central America and a third part runs through eastern Asia.’
      • ‘The path then extends across central Mexico and into the southern Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea before terminating in the central Atlantic.’
      • ‘This extends then into Central and North Asia as a whole.’
      • ‘The species inhabits a semi-continuous linear strip of seemingly similar habitat extending from Alaska to central Baja California, Mexico.’
      • ‘At its height, the Ottoman Empire extended from Central Asia to North Africa, and it left its culinary mark on all the cultures it touched.’
      take up, fill, fill up, cover, extend over, use up, utilize
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    5. 1.5extend tono object Be applicable to.
      ‘her generosity did not extend to all adults’
      • ‘Health care is a human right that extends to all people, including those who are HIV positive.’
      • ‘Patients were recruited over four years, and the study could not have included more patients without extending to other healthcare districts and hospitals.’
      • ‘While that may include the almost stereotypical use of cocaine, it also extends to amphetamines and ecstasy use.’
      • ‘Their repertoire includes all colours of the classical spectrum as well as extending to jazz and country.’
      • ‘He has this fascination with not following crowds, which extends to using the back streets wherever possible.’
      • ‘Today, their concern is no longer for their next meal, it extends to empathy for those in distress.’
      • ‘That team effort also extends to the many people who help fundraise for the Palliative Care Unit.’
      • ‘Her range of hats extends to very special headgear from Milliner Philip Treacy.’
      • ‘In short, Britain's trade in services is a huge success story which is scarcely ever told, and it extends to Asia.’
      • ‘It extends to any kind of ecosystem, such as coasts, forests, plains and islands.’
      • ‘Oddly enough, Dominic's love of dogs even extends to street dogs, and he often feeds them.’
      • ‘The taming of nature extends to the skiing as well as the village.’
      • ‘This extends to members of the public protecting their own property and to police officers in the execution of their duty.’
      • ‘This extends to the law courts, housing, employment rights, planning permission, you name it.’
      • ‘This apparently extends to attempting to ruin the careers of public servants.’
      • ‘I like to think I have an open house, but I'm not so sure this extends to my bedroom.’
      • ‘The range of ornamental furniture extends to cots, dressing tables and dining tables.’
      • ‘His role even extends to shaping the brand's advertising campaigns and the look of its global network of stores.’
      • ‘This aesthetic appreciation extends to previous writers on the subject.’
      • ‘The embarrassment extends to discussing his work outside this building.’
      include, extend as far as, go as far as, take in, incorporate, encompass, comprise, comprehend, subsume, be applicable to
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  • 2Hold (something) out towards someone.

    ‘I nod and extend my hand’
    • ‘And by extending a helping hand, you are extending yourself.’
    • ‘We are extending a hand of peace on behalf of the whole region to you, and we hope that we will be able to create the momentum needed to resume fruitful and productive negotiations.’
    • ‘While being introduced, your extended hand gesture is mimicked, and never returned.’
    hold out, put out, stick out, hold forth, put forth, reach out
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    1. 2.1Offer or make available.
      ‘she extended an invitation to her to stay’
      • ‘Well done John and all in the area extend our very best wishes and wish you many more hours of happy flying.’
      • ‘His family, relations and many friends in the area extend their best wishes on him reaching such a significant milestone and hope he enjoyed the occasion.’
      • ‘He is always welcome here, and I hope others will afford him the same courtesy that he extends to them.’
      • ‘It's the sort of thing Mochrie extends to most of the improvisers he regularly shares a stage with.’
      • ‘Extend an invitation to attend a trade show, seminar, or conference.’
      • ‘If the parents extend a wedding invitation and you have no address for the bride should you send the gift to the home of the parents?’
      offer, proffer, hold out, advance
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  • 3Cause (someone or something) to exert the utmost effort.

    ‘horses have the strength of character to extend themselves to their utmost limit’
    • ‘But he was willing to try, to extend himself to the utmost to finally reach peace and settle the long conflict.’
    • ‘When helping someone extend yourself in the fullest way; offer a smile or a loving gesture.’
    • ‘About 300 runners are expected to take part from club members to those who are taking regular exercise but just want to extend themselves.’
    • ‘This questioning then logically extends itself to artistic forms, where, in black comedy, the most serious subjects are given, not a serious or tragic treatment, but a satirical and even farcical one.’
    • ‘Education of the child does not stop at the classroom door, but extends itself from school, to the home, and out into the community.’
    • ‘A word of advice: don't extend yourself out to other people so far that you start trying to feel their pain too.’
    • ‘If you really want a teaching job, then you should be willing to extend yourself to get it.’
    • ‘I'd been affected that way by records, and I wanted my own music and writing to extend themselves in that way.’
    • ‘It is therefore our responsibility to extend ourselves to others.’
    • ‘We empathize, extend ourselves, reach out in other ways.’
    • ‘I try to do that as I extend myself out to the world.’
    • ‘After mere survival, the primary activity of life is to create more life, to extend itself, to keep going, to procreate.’
    • ‘To extend herself into her characters she must escape her own personality, but the result of the extension is to question whether such an escape is possible.’
    • ‘By definition, a world religion extends itself geographically over ethnically and culturally distinct groups of people, and it persists over relatively long periods of time.’
    • ‘The story begins with dysfunctional grandparents and extends itself to Mitchell's life in an unbroken line that will make students of social services work nod knowingly.’
    • ‘As America's Army extends itself across the spectrum of operations, higher percentages of available forces will be committed.’
    • ‘The subject is not a nugget of inner being that extends itself outward to others whom it never quite reaches.’
    • ‘At its most pernicious level, this extends itself to careerism.’
    • ‘And it extends itself far more broadly, it's not just opposition to war it's a lack of faith in the leaderships.’
    • ‘Through hope, he extends himself into the future.’



/ɪkˈstɛnd/ /ɛkˈstɛnd/


Late Middle English from Latin extendere ‘stretch out’, from ex- ‘out’ + tendere ‘stretch’.