Meaning of extensible in English:



  • 1Able to be extended or stretched; extendable.

    ‘in a second, she was out of the car, extensible baton in hand’
    • ‘silk is an exceptionally strong, extensible, and tough material’
    • ‘However, software-based protection can allow for more extensible security models, with potentially significant performance improvements over traditional hardware-based solutions.’
    • ‘This is far from the only extensible platform out there and everybody has their personal pet peeves with the code base.’
    1. 1.1Computing Designed to allow the addition of new capabilities and functionality.
      • ‘an extensible architecture designed to accommodate changes’



/ɪkˈstɛnsɪb(ə)l/ /ɛkˈstɛnsɪb(ə)l/