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mass noun
  • 1Killing, especially of a whole group of people or animals.

    ‘the near extermination of the buffalo herds’
    • ‘In the book, he does not defend his views about either genocide or extermination.’
    • ‘For them, aggressive war across national frontiers was a more salient risk than the extermination of peoples within states.’
    • ‘What they do understand is ruthless extermination of opponents.’
    • ‘I don't think England has fully recovered from the extermination of Christians by the Normans, to the present day.’
    • ‘Similarly, genocide does not encompass the extermination of a group on political grounds.’
    • ‘When the white backed vulture, as a species, faces the threat of extermination, what hope is there for other wildlife?’
    • ‘The principal reasons of their disappearance were extermination of predators and their prey and habitat destruction.’
    • ‘The extermination of all foreigners was ordered.’
    • ‘This inscription awakens the memory of the people whose sons and daughters were intended for total extermination.’
    • ‘The exhibition records the systematic extermination of six million people.’
    • ‘The council approved a motion calling for the city to explore more humane bee-removal alternatives other than extermination.’
    • ‘Five lions abandoned in a defunct zoo faced imminent extermination until a local veterinarian called on an international animal rescue group to step in.’
    • ‘Ant extermination is a subject that the site has covered in the past in some detail.’
    • ‘I wanted to find a way, cinematically, of showing this feeling of being in the midst of the extermination.’
    • ‘So far, extermination of this particular mosquito doesn't look like an ecological catastrophe.’
    • ‘Housing authority officials said in the past, roach extermination was done on a 60 - to 90-day cycle’
    • ‘The banning of DDT did not put an end to the poisoning and extermination of birds.’
    • ‘Would you like to learn how to do some DIY pest extermination?’
    • ‘The systematic extermination of the bison wasn't merely trophy hunting gone wild.’
    • ‘The authorities have long denied any campaign of systematic extermination.’
    killing, murder, assassination, putting to death, doing to death, execution, dispatch, slaughter, massacre, genocide
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    1. 1.1Complete destruction.
      ‘In the final two chapters, he makes his final case against the extermination of the remaining smallpox stockpiles.’
      • ‘Pacification was the CIA's reader-friendly word for its extermination of civilian opposition to the US war machine in South Vietnam.’
      • ‘As a result large scale extermination of St. John's Wort has been undertaken in Australia.’
      • ‘The extermination of anti-social elements does, after all, have a somewhat controversial history.’
      • ‘For example, extermination of a big battle cruiser is such a task.’
      • ‘The extermination of religion is at times an official state objective.’
      • ‘You will decide whether you will assume responsibility for the extermination of all voices of dissent.’
      • ‘Our ability to stress over trivial cultural issues while ignoring the extermination of the environment will make medieval peasants believing in miracles seem as reasonable as Einstein.’
      • ‘ There is a widely shared view that nuclear weapons cannot be used as it will be a step towards planetary extermination.’
      • ‘Humankind has caused the extermination of the rainforests.’



/ɪkˌstəːmɪˈneɪʃn/ /ɛkˌstəːmɪˈneɪʃn/