Meaning of external examiner in English:

external examiner


  • An examiner who is not from the institution attended by the students who are taking the exams being marked.

    ‘he remained at New College until 1977 and served as an external examiner to almost a score of universities’
    • ‘The key tests will now become part of a broader assessment of children's abilities by teachers themselves - not external examiners.’
    • ‘The authors were external examiners for a nursing program in a developing country during a five-year period ending in 1997.’
    • ‘She suffered a series of literary knockbacks until her work was marked by an external examiner during a creative writing course.’
    • ‘The concept of collaboration is found in both the role and functions of an external examiner.’
    • ‘He does not have the qualification to act either as my supervisor or as an external examiner.’
    • ‘He has been a consultant on many television programmes, and is an external examiner at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.’
    • ‘The five-day on-site visit begins when the external examiner arrives at the host institution.’
    • ‘His academic colleagues visited Ghana as lecturers and external examiners of the medical school in the early years.’
    • ‘The duties of the external examiner vary from university to university and occasionally from department to department.’
    • ‘He was an external examiner in surgery for a dozen universities in the British Isles and abroad.’
    • ‘External examiners also review study programmes, and provide training to local educators.’