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  • 1With reference to the outer surface or structure of something; outside.

    ‘the antenna should be mounted externally, perhaps on the roof’
    • ‘If people are viewed externally, devoid of internal character and spirituality, they are stripped of their unique gift and strength.’
    • ‘Often these plants will have an externally visible dark discoloration of the stem that extends from the soil-line upward into the canopy.’
    • ‘Externally smooth and internally corrugated, the appearance is reminiscent of early aeronautical construction.’
    • ‘The event was attended by a huge congregation both within the church itself and externally on the church piazza.’
    • ‘Externally, the sweeping roof extends beyond the face of the building to create overhangs that help to prevent glare and shelter the wall from both sun and rain.’
    1. 1.1(used in reference to a medicine or similar substance) on the outside of the body.
      ‘the oil is externally applied to treat bruises and rheumatic complaints’
      • ‘The afflicted person would take the medicine internally and also apply it externally.’
      • ‘The oil of St John's Wort can be externally applied to relieve sciatica and other neuralgic pains, including repetitive injuries such as carpal tunnel and tennis elbow.’
      • ‘From Day 2 onwards, silver sulphadiazine cream was applied externally on the affected skin surface to prevent secondary infection.’
      • ‘A decoction is made and applied externally to the throat.’
      • ‘Applied externally, oil of peppermint may help relieve muscle and nerve pain.’
      • ‘Used externally, it is an effective remedy for poorly healing wounds, eczema, psoriasis, and skin ulcers.’
      • ‘Peppermint, rosemary, and lavender oils soothe externally.’
  • 2Used to indicate that something occurs or comes from a source outside the institution, country, or subject affected.

    ‘most exam papers are marked externally’
    • ‘externally funded projects’
    • ‘Courses for professional development include support for externally validated qualifications, as well as specific training to enable each staff member to reach their full teaching and learning potential.’
    • ‘The wide-ranging research programme is supported by 2,000,000 of externally funded research grants.’
    • ‘We will see that the consequences of externally mandated assessments for what happens in workplaces and school systems can be highly problematic.’
    • ‘We externally advertised in local papers and the local areas' "Parent's Magazine".’
    • ‘The time it has taken highlights the difficulties of trying to recruit externally at that level.’
  • 3Computing
    Using a disk or tape drive rather than the main memory.

    ‘all data that has been stored externally will be easy to retrieve’
    • ‘Usually an e-mail will be stored externally by your ISP for at least three months, even if you have cleared it from your internal system.’
    • ‘Your data is not stored externally and you have not backed it up properly.’
    • ‘The department established an accreditation process to ensure physical security of equipment and data if hosted externally.’
    • ‘You will need to download several files externally.’
    • ‘You'll be able to read and write to the disk at the same time with little performance drop off, which is fantastic if you prefer to have your backup drive located externally.’



/ɪkˈstəːnəli/ /ɛkˈstəːnəli/