Meaning of extinguishable in English:



See extinguish

‘Although, in Mabo, Indigenous Australians won recognition of their traditional rights to land, the High Court by the narrowest majority (four to three) decided that these fragile rights were readily extinguishable.’
  • ‘Let's start with suggesting one might immediately start paying down any extinguishable floating rate debt.’
  • ‘The children tried to blow them out, but the candles weren't extinguishable.’
  • ‘The blue light casts a glow on the land that is only extinguishable by nightfall.’
  • ‘Life is much vaster and deeper, it cannot be lived with the aid of an extinguishable lamp.’



/ɪkˈstɪŋɡwɪʃəb(ə)l/ /ɛkˈstɪŋɡwɪʃəb(ə)l/