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‘With an outward wrench of his elbows he simultaneously squeezes and warps the handle on the extinguisher, locking the valve open, and throws the canister at me.’
  • ‘Mr. Carney explained that on most ships equipment such as fire hoses and extinguishers, fuel oil pump stop buttons, intake fan shut-downs, fire dampers etc are all accessible.’
  • ‘The laboratory staff should understand the hazards of using liquid extinguishers on instruments or when live electrical connections are exposed.’
  • ‘Shutting down the generators would mean we wouldn't secure the engines via the T-handles or fight any engine fire with the extinguishers.’
  • ‘It also is imperative that all members of the laser team know how to use the extinguishers properly if the laser catches fire or there is a drape fire.’
  • ‘Architectural fittings such as switches, extinguishers and signage can take on as much significance as the main exhibits.’
  • ‘Today building design and materials, smoke detectors and extinguishers help to make buildings safer.’
  • ‘Mr Yates, who has been caretaker at the school for ten years, managed to get the fire under control with an extinguisher while Mr Hopkins set off alarms and began the evacuation process.’
  • ‘Pockets hosed down the liquid crystal engines with an extinguisher, trying to lower the temperature before the system parts fused.’
  • ‘The National Fire Protection Association recommends having dry extinguishers inspected every six years, even if the gauge indicates correct pressure.’
  • ‘Mr. Dunne said anyone who runs a guest house or bed and breakfast is obliged to comply with the regulations and install emergency lighting, fire alarms and have extinguishers.’
  • ‘Class C extinguishers are used for energized electrical equipment.’
  • ‘This includes smoke detectors, alarms, sprinklers and extinguishers.’
  • ‘Mr Kavanagh went on to show the meeting a display of fire blankets, extinguishers, smoke alarms and demonstrated their use.’
  • ‘Class C extinguishers are used on fires that involve an electrical supply.’
  • ‘He added that the fire was brought under control by 10 firefighters using dry powder extinguishers.’
  • ‘The students were taught how to put out fires in the kitchen and other places using extinguishers.’
  • ‘The copilot shut down the burning engine and got the fire out with the built-in extinguisher.’
  • ‘I wiped the white stuff from my eyes and saw Jason laughing with the extinguisher in his hand.’
  • ‘Firefighters used a foam extinguisher to put out the fire and used a fan to blow out the smoke.’



/ɪkˈstɪŋɡwɪʃə/ /ɛkˈstɪŋɡwɪʃə/