Meaning of extra special in English:

extra special


  • Particularly good or significant.

    ‘today's celebrations are extra special as they mark the centennial’
    • ‘this year he got his mother an extra-special gift’
    • ‘This game has always been extra special to me.’
    • ‘A bottle of champagne that is labeled for a particular occasion is extra special.’
    • ‘He cooks every evening and loves to entertain friends and family by whipping up extra special meals at the weekend.’
    • ‘We want a model with an interesting look, and an extra special quality about them.’
    • ‘Whilst tonight is very much a low-key date, the crazy antics of those in attendance makes their performance extra special.’
    • ‘A star will really have to be extra special in my company, because the standard of the dancers is already very high.’
    • ‘The game's training mode has been given extra special attention for those simulation fans and features all the repetition that entails.’
    • ‘This title belongs under that extra special list of films that are so bad they're good.’
    • ‘The script has nothing extra special in the way of dialogue or characterization.’
    • ‘We have an extra special gift for you.’
    • ‘He has put in an extra special effort this season.’
    • ‘This is one of our most important fundraising drives, so we needed every to make an extra special effort.’
    • ‘An extra special effort was made by all to reach out to those who are suffering from poor health, who are housebound and therefore unable to attend Mass. or those who are spending their first Christmas without a loved one.’
    • ‘Tonight was an extra special occasion as people would be concentrating on their packing tomorrow.’
    • ‘We reported at the site meeting that it will be necessary for the joint venture to take extra special measures.’
    • ‘Don't forget to give those elbows and knees extra special attention with moisturizing creams.’
    • ‘Jewellery gifts can be made extra special by designing your own.’