Meaning of extrafamilial in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɛkstrəfəˈmɪljəl/


  • Outside the family.

    ‘In order to reduce the number of predictor variables used in the primary analyses, multiple regressions were initially conducted within the self, family, and extrafamilial systems for each of the four outcome measures.’
    • ‘In order to apply this model, factors identified in the literature as being predictors of adolescent sexual activity were organized into self, family, and extrafamilial systems.’
    • ‘The current research is part of a larger project that evaluates factors from the individual, family, and extrafamilial levels.’
    • ‘The items cover major intrafamilial and extrafamilial sources of family stress.’
    • ‘Establishing multiple therapeutic alliances with the adolescent, parent, other family members, and even extrafamilial sources of actual or potential influence was vital in this stage as well.’
    • ‘For example, the base rate for rapists is higher than for intrafamilial offenders but less than that of extrafamilial offenders.’
    • ‘Our intervention work shifted from an intrafamilial structural-strategic perspective to an ecodevelopmental perspective that combined structural-strategic, developmental, and extrafamilial interventions.’
    • ‘This work has shown that parents of aggressive children display more anxiety and depression, more marital distress, and more extrafamilial distress (insularity and social isolation) than do parents of nonaggressive children.’
    • ‘Remaining appropriately influential in the adolescent's life is related to becoming knowledgeable about their adolescent's extrafamilial life.’
    • ‘Some claim that the multiple functions of these extended kinship networks has inhibited the development of extrafamilial organizations in Brazil, such as parent - teacher associations and garden and civic clubs.’
    • ‘As the family transitions into one with adolescents, the bond between parents and children must be flexible enough for the teen to experiment increasingly with independence and extrafamilial influences.’
    • ‘Ecological theory regards the family as the principal context in which human development takes place, and it takes a keen interest in how intrafamilial processes are affected by extrafamilial systems.’
    • ‘The right, however, faces many social limits in the form of extrafamilial influences on sexual development and attitudes.’
    • ‘This involves the ability to recognize the influence of larger systemic influences, including extrafamilial and sociopolitical forces.’
    • ‘The world of work is one such extrafamilial institution.’
    • ‘As a result, adherents of this position are typically strongly opposed to any form of extrafamilial sexuality education.’
    • ‘Cooperative, extrafamilial labor has been widespread in Southern Africa and other parts of the continent.’
    • ‘Six variables were utilized as predictors from the extrafamilial system.’
    • ‘Each item served as a separate predictor variable within the extrafamilial system.’