Meaning of extrajudicially in English:




See extrajudicial

‘The party said that some of the bodies were those of people who had ‘disappeared ‘in police custody and had been extrajudicially executed.’’
  • ‘In a trade dispute, a panel of three trade lawyers, only one of whom is appointed by us, hears the case extrajudicially and in secret, without reference to our laws or our democratically derived policies and practices.’
  • ‘Since February 2003, nearly 700 more children and youths have been murdered or extrajudicially executed in the country.’
  • ‘Most were held in prolonged incommunicado detention and reportedly tortured,’ the report said, adding that 20 ‘were killed or found dead in circumstances which suggested they had been extrajudicially executed’.’
  • ‘Suspected rebel supporters were detained, tortured and extrajudicially executed.’