Meaning of extraordinariness in English:



See extraordinary

‘This doesn't mean there's no room for extraordinariness in some capacity, but some parenting books do contribute to a kind of hysteria.’
  • ‘John seemed the least harmed of the three famous brothers, but he was still prevented from taking an ordinary place in life, compelled to impress his extraordinariness in his work.’
  • ‘Driven by the desire to be remembered for their extraordinariness, people go to absurd lengths to see their names in print to achieve some measure of immortality.’
  • ‘This almost makes you overlook the extraordinariness of the voyage.’
  • ‘Finally, I noted the extraordinariness of my letter.’



/ɪkˈstrɔːd(ɪ)n(ə)rɪnɪs/ /ɛkˈstrɔːd(ɪ)n(ə)rɪnɪs/ /ˌɛkstrəˈɔːd(ɪ)n(ə)rɪnɪs/