Meaning of extrapolative in English:



See extrapolate

‘What they did was approach American folk and roots music with the precision and extrapolative inventiveness of jazz.’
  • ‘In particular, investors may follow a ‘momentum’ model of buying and selling currencies, so that once a movement gets going, it tends to generate an extrapolative dynamic of its own.’
  • ‘As Kantrowitz notes, male students are extrapolative, and leap forward into technical learning for its own sake.’
  • ‘Decisions about whether the threshold has been crossed are difficult precisely because they are, by nature, anticipatory and extrapolative.’
  • ‘This method imposes some causal structure on the forecasting task and moves away from essentially extrapolative techniques.’



/ɪkˈstrapələtɪv/ /ɛkˈstrapələtɪv/