Meaning of extremeness in English:



See extreme

‘Though the study just described did not involve political or moral issues, the results show that one-sidedness, and consequently extremeness, can be heightened when people are communicating over the Internet.’
  • ‘The uniqueness of this religious community lies especially in its radical and stringent religious demands, mainly manifested in the extremeness of Torah studies within the hierarchy of values and practices.’
  • ‘Despite the extremeness of its interpretation and the uniqueness of its style, Klossowski's book is readily meaningful to academics because it proceeds in the established way.’
  • ‘Their very extremeness is often, indeed, state-dependent with regard to other psychiatric illness and general stress level.’
  • ‘The unadulterated ecstasy of before is hardly a memory, and the extremeness of his mood swings is now a dullness that consumes him in unchanging monotony.’



/ɪkˈstriːmnəs/ /ɛkˈstriːmnəs/