Meaning of extremum in English:


nounplural noun extremums, plural noun extrema/ɛkˈstriːmə/

usually as modifier
  • The maximum or minimum value of a function.

    ‘extremum principles’
    • ‘Correlation coefficients showed multiple local extrema with a global maximum, and success in tracking generally relies on the presence of such a maximum at the correct x-y location within each search area.’
    • ‘Trajectories x that solve Newton's equations are those that are extrema of the action A = [integral operator] L (x, v (t)) dt.’
    • ‘The first step in solving such equations by the variational method is to show that the extremum is attained.’
    • ‘The average concentration of the two extrema was taken to represent the average value of the metabolites during the oscillations.’
    • ‘The extrema displayed in this figure reflect the rigidity property of the protein.’



/ɪkˈstriːməm/ /ɛkˈstriːməm/


Early 20th century from Latin, neuter of extremus ‘utmost’ (see extreme).