Meaning of exudate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛɡzjʊdeɪt/


  • 1Medicine
    A mass of cells and fluid that has seeped out of blood vessels or an organ, especially in inflammation.

    ‘Histologically, no cardial brain abscesses show purulent exudate surrounded by variable amounts of fibrosis.’
    • ‘A similar reaction was present in the left ovary surrounding an abscess cavity containing purulent exudate and surrounded by dense fibrosis and chronic inflammation.’
    • ‘To be included in the analysis, patients had to have at least three of the following conditions concomitantly: fever, tonsillar exudate, tender anterior cervical lymph nodes and absence of cough.’
    • ‘More severe inflammation of the mucosa is readily evident as erythema, intramucosal hemorrhage, exudate, or ulceration.’
    • ‘Swabs of wound exudate are self-descriptive and are usually taken before cleansing the wound.’
    ooze, trickle, exude, drip, dribble, flow, issue, discharge, excrete, escape, leak, drain, bleed, sweat, well, leach, filter, percolate, permeate, soak
  • 2Botany Entomology
    A substance secreted by a plant or insect.

    ‘The chemical properties of plant litter and exudates strongly influence many chemical properties of soils that are critical to ecosystem functioning.’
    • ‘Cytokinins were analysed in leaf extracts, leaf phloem exudate and in the shoot apical meristem at different times during floral transition.’
    • ‘Moreover, the composition of exudates produced by glandular trichomes may change with leaf age.’
    • ‘Independently, root pressure xylem exudate from detopped stem bases was also collected at the time of harvest.’
    • ‘Alkaline phosphatase is not at all, or only in small amounts present in root exudates of vascular plants.’
    emission, secretion, excretion, exudate, effusion


Late 19th century from Latin exsudat- ‘exuded’, from the verb exsudare.