Meaning of exudation in English:



See exude

‘They are curious why the body and its exudations are denied to them as a map, why if men write about the body they are extolled, why when women write sex they are accused of being obscene.’
  • ‘The clinical manifestations of hypertensive encephalopathy are due to increased cerebral perfusion from the loss of blood-brain barrier integrity, resulting in exudation of fluid into the brain.’
  • ‘They may be recruited by injury to the epithelium and their elastases are potent mucin secretagogues that can facilitate plasma exudation.’
  • ‘Glandular secretion is stimulated with no alteration in plasma exudation.’
  • ‘The increased tracheal blood flow contributes to increased airway exudation.’



/ɪɡzjuːˈdeɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɛɡzjuːˈdeɪʃ(ə)n/