Meaning of exudative in English:



See exude

‘In the exudative form, fluid can accumulate underneath the retina, as pigment epithelial detachments or subretinal neovascularization, and loss of vision is usually sudden.’
  • ‘We previously reported multilevel likelihood ratios with the use of multiple cutoff points for pleural criteria that identify exudative pleural effusions from the registry in 2000 when it contained 1,448 patients.’
  • ‘The progression of the wound normally follows 1 of 2 pathways: exudative filmy eschar to epithelial buds from skin appendages to re-epithelization, or filmy eschar followed by granulation.’
  • ‘During the exudative phase, chest radiographs reveal a progression from diffuse interstitial infiltrates to diffuse, fluffy, alveolar opacities.’
  • ‘Allergic forms usually present acutely with erythematous, pruritic, edematous and exudative lesions, while contact dermatitis often has a more insidious onset with lichenification.’



/ɪɡˈzjuːdətɪv/ /ɛɡˈzjuːdətɪv/