Meaning of exxy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛksi/

adjectiveadjective exxier, adjective exxiest

(also exy)
informal Australian
  • Expensive.

    • ‘these places whip your flabby tummy into shape using fancy (and exxy) techniques’
    • ‘while exxier than high-street brands, they are good quality’
    • ‘I secretly find this more compelling and ogle-worthy than the exxy, front-of-book celebrity shoot!’
    • ‘Should they really be promoting these extreme, exxy services to young women?’
    • ‘The spread features a pair of silk shoes—too exxy to mention the price.’
    • ‘If you look expensive, you can generally get away with less exxy attire.’
    • ‘How about an alternative to whining about how exxy those helicopters and planes are to transport patients from rural areas to the city?’
    • ‘It's exxy, yes, but the vitamin C really packs a punch.’
    • ‘I've heard on the bush vine that repair prices are a bit exxy.’
    • ‘He apparently had some exxy dental work done in Nelson.’
    • ‘Saffron is so exxy because the fine threads are the stigmas of crocuses.’
    • ‘Side mirrors are pretty exxy to replace now that they're all electric and most have integrated turn signals.’