Meaning of eye-opener in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌɪˌəʊp(ə)nə/

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  • 1An event or situation that proves to be unexpectedly enlightening.

    • ‘a visit to the docks can be a fascinating eye-opener’
    • ‘It was not just this unexpected love of Shakespeare that proved an eye-opener.’
    • ‘This is the first season Selby have had a team in the county league for over ten years and the experience has quickly proved an eye-opener for their players.’
    • ‘The film was shot on location in West Yorkshire, which proved an eye-opener for a middle-class university-educated Hindu woman from north London.’
    • ‘But his unscripted comments would prove a major eye-opener.’
    • ‘But it's his journey tomorrow to Indigenous communities on Cape York that may prove the biggest eye-opener.’
    • ‘It proved a real eye-opener for the three continentals.’
    • ‘For experienced newscaster Gordon Burns, surviving all day without being able to take incoming calls proved a real eye-opener.’
    • ‘The riveting testimony would prove an eye-opener into the working of Lastman's inner circle.’
    • ‘The trip proved to be an eye-opener in terms of art, culture, social orderings and, not surprisingly, landscape.’
    • ‘And home hunting can be a quite an eye-opener of an experience in the city, especially if you are a newcomer looking for a roof to stay under.’
    • ‘Yorkshire couple Lizzie Lowe and David Poole spent two weeks putting the system to the test and found the experience to be an eye-opener.’
    • ‘The experience was an eye-opener for Thomas and, she says, made her appreciate her current career all the more.’
    • ‘An unexpected eye-opener was our trip to see a soccer match at the national stadium.’
    • ‘The events connected with St. Mary's Feast should be an eye-opener.’
    • ‘And that's one of the things that I think has been a real eye-opener in this volunteer experience.’
    • ‘If anything, this experience has been the biggest eye-opener I will ever encounter.’
    • ‘It's an incredible eye-opener to be at such events in person.’
    • ‘It's possible to have read widely in French history and yet experience this book as something of an eye-opener.’
    • ‘The accounts given by those doctors who had Maori ancestry were real eye-openers.’
    • ‘The two productions I saw were eye-openers as far as youth theatre was concerned.’
    blow, upset, disturbance, source of distress, source of amazement, source of consternation
  • 2North American An alcoholic drink taken early in the day.

    • ‘Comorbid clients also were more likely to have used alcohol or drugs as an eye-opener and to have been annoyed by others who criticized their use of alcohol and/or drugs.’
    • ‘Talk about a little eye-opener before your first cup of java!’
    • ‘Murphy and Clovis were enjoying an eye-opener in their cell as the morning sun streamed through the window bars in thick shafts.’
    • ‘Much to my chagrin, we drove past Skip's without stopping for an eye-opener.’
    beverage, drinkable liquid, potable liquid, liquid refreshment, thirst quencher