Meaning of eye chart in English:

eye chart


  • A chart used in measuring the sharpness of a person's vision, typically consisting of a number of rows of letters of decreasing size.

    ‘I could only read the top line of the eye chart’
    • ‘Without my glasses I can't make out the top letter on an eye chart.’
    • ‘They have me take out my contact lenses and read eye charts.’
    • ‘My son could read only the first two rows of the eye chart.’
    • ‘If you can only read the top line of the eye chart, you may be eligible to register as blind or partially sighted.’
    • ‘The optician will then adjust the lenses until the eye chart appears the clearest possible for the person whose eyes are being tested.’
    • ‘Those whose vision had worsened by two lines or more on a standard eye chart were more likely to report a lower quality of life.’
    • ‘These are people who could see nothing on an eye chart and then could read three lines.’
    • ‘The test began with the eye charts at 200 feet and all testers reading them.’
    • ‘I found I could read the entire eye chart.’
    • ‘I have been told that you memorised part of the eye chart in order to pass that section of an eye examination.’