Meaning of eye dog in English:

eye dog


New Zealand
  • A dog that can control sheep using its gaze.

    ‘your father ever train up a good eye dog?’
    • ‘Nobody would have been silly enough to try and buy his eye dogs.’
    • ‘The farmer and his eye dog watch closely, taciturn.’
    • ‘Mr. Ward's dog had been trained to be what musterers call an eye dog.’
    • ‘There was only the farmers eye dog there as well as my three.’
    • ‘The farmer has a system of whistles and commands that he deftly uses to get the sheep to move (sometimes barely audible, but the eye dog understands).’
    • ‘Sothey take a bit of stopping – so an eye dog is not really much chop.’
    • ‘The final dog was a very strong eye dog, sensible and fast, and extremely capable for lambing, when silence is golden.’
    • ‘On the farm I had an eye dog.’
    • ‘The dog no longer jumps and runs over the heather at high speed, it changes its technique and becomes an eye dog.’
    • ‘The eye dog doesn't bark.’