Meaning of eye level in English:

eye level



mass noun
  • The level of the eyes looking straight ahead.

    ‘pictures hung at eye level’
    • ‘The monitor should be 18 inches or more away and at a slightly lower level than eye level.’
    • ‘There is also a waste disposal unit, eye-level oven and grill, dishwasher and fridge.’
    • ‘Just don't get stuck with standard eye-level views.’
    • ‘This is fitted with a green marble-effect worktop and a range of pine storage presses at ground and eye level.’
    • ‘The kitchen has attractive black and red floor tiles and is fitted with a range of wooden units at ground and eye level.’
    • ‘She was saved from despair only because she noticed immediately a steady red light, at eye level, about sixty feet ahead of her.’
    • ‘He looked straight at Lucilla as she bent down to his eye level.’
    • ‘I crossed my arms on the desk and rested my chin on top of them, bringing me to eye level with the picture.’
    • ‘They started climbing all over the ferry to get to eye-level height with the bus windows.’
    • ‘Research also shows that clothes that are folded sell better, as do products that are displayed at eye level.’
    • ‘What could be better than highlighting its beauty at eye level?’
    • ‘Some were at eye level, some lower, some on a post, one way up and too high for short-sighted people to read.’
    • ‘The Mirror is a free paper, accessible to anybody and generally always at children's eye level.’
    • ‘Pick up a pen that has text printed on the side and, with your arm fully extended, lift it to eye level.’
    • ‘You enter and turn left: The panel of relief sculptures, facing west, is at eye level.’
    • ‘Rooms with a balcony looking south have an amazing vista while the local birdlife glides along hot air currents at eye level.’
    • ‘I have the horizon almost at eye level being at the top of the town.’
    • ‘Does all this extra glare at eye level reduce a driver's night vision, especially on unlit carriageways?’
    • ‘This was not a kid in a lolly shop being tempted by something at eye level.’
    • ‘Turn to a page of small text from this magazine and hold it at eye level ten inches from your face.’