Meaning of eye pencil in English:

eye pencil


  • A cosmetic pencil for defining or accentuating the eyes.

    ‘Make sure you have the basic tools: tweezers, cuticle scissors, clear mascara, a white eye pencil and an eyebrow pencil or powder.’
    • ‘Truthfully, Mona only owned a tube of black mascara, a black eye pencil and black nail polish.’
    • ‘Some look as if they have been expressly made to carry small change or, perhaps, lip gloss and an eye pencil or two.’
    • ‘A top tip was using an eyebrow pencil to help define the eyes and to use a brown eye pencil rather than a blue one.’
    • ‘‘An eye pencil is wax-based, and therefore heat-resistant and waterproof,’ says Terry Barber.’
    • ‘He rolled his eyes and put down the eye pencil, moving along with a small brush, dusting bright red in two circles on my cheeks.’
    • ‘The core of the eye pencil is thick, so apply lightly.’
    • ‘She ran a black eye pencil under both her eyes and threw it back on her dresser.’
    • ‘I loaded my thin wrists with the jade bangles I used to adore, before squinting into the mirror to put my contacts in and apply mascara, eye pencil and lip-gloss.’
    • ‘If you're not absolutely sure about your own face shape, try using this quick and simple method: take an old lip liner or eye pencil and sit in front of a mirror.’
    • ‘Outlining the entire eye with a smoky shadow or muted eye pencil and adding lash-plumping mascara lends immediate impact.’
    • ‘Smear it over the entire eyelid with your fingertips, then add black mascara and eye pencil along the upper lash line.’
    • ‘For instant sex appeal, create a feline eye in black eye pencil, or chocolate brown for those with paler colourings.’
    eyeliner, eye pencil, kohl pencil, kohl, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, lip liner