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eye socket

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  • The cavity in the skull which encloses an eyeball with its surrounding muscles.

    Also called orbit

    ‘Four muscles pull each eyeball straight back into the eye socket, shortening the eyeball.’
    • ‘Also very rarely, sinusitis can spread to form a pocket of pus in an eye socket, the brain or a facial bone.’
    • ‘I was just pressing the shutter button when the camera smashed bluntly, sharply into the bones surrounding my right eye socket.’
    • ‘They were in the eye socket, brain case, and throat.’
    • ‘The horse fractured its skull and an eye socket, and there were fears for his life, while Elliot badly damaged a shoulder.’
    • ‘They can go over the surface of the eye socket, go up to the skull base.’
    • ‘A bouncer tried to grab me, but I shook him off with an elbow to his eye socket and a knee to the groin.’
    • ‘He was taken to hospital with a suspected broken cheek bone and damaged eye socket.’
    • ‘And Florie is legally blind in his right eye after undergoing surgery to repair severe fractures of the bones around his eye socket and nose.’
    • ‘Collins needed stitches but could be fit for next weekend, but Willoughby is out for some time after fracturing his cheekbone and damaging an eye socket.’
    • ‘These glands are located under the brow bone behind the upper eyelid, at the edge of the eye socket, and in the lids.’
    • ‘She was taken to hospital where she was found to have suffered two gashes to her forehead and fractures to her right eye socket and cheekbone.’
    • ‘Referring to the skeleton's eye socket shape and hip bone curves, Jacob suggested that it was not of a woman at all, but a male who died aged around 30.’
    • ‘In one incident, a 16-year-old boy was left with a damaged eye socket and a broken nose following a fight in the cemetery at St Michael's Church.’
    • ‘He has a broken nose, damage to an eye socket and a possible fractured jaw.’
    • ‘He has been ineffective and unreliable, missing most of five games because of injuries to his eye socket and his thigh.’
    • ‘The 24-year-old has had to undergo major surgery to cut away his scalp and remove a piece of bone from the side of his head to rebuild his eye socket.’
    • ‘Brewer suffered a fractured bone near his eye socket.’
    • ‘He suffered a broken cheekbone, a severe head wound which needed stitches, severe bruising to his left eye socket and his nose and elbow were grazed.’
    • ‘A hand slapped up against his face, the thumb probing for his eye socket.’