Meaning of eye strain in English:

eye strain


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mass noun
  • Fatigue of the eyes, such as that caused by reading or looking at a computer screen for too long.

    ‘avoid eye strain and have your sight checked regularly’
    • ‘Why do some computer work-stations confer eye strain and muscle fatigue?’
    • ‘Side effects include eye strain, headache, fatigue, irritability and inability to sleep.’
    • ‘A recent study has found that concentrating on difficult off-screen objects, such as the faces of loved ones, causes eye strain in computer scientists.’
    • ‘This isn't always a good thing since setting the contrast too high on your screen can cause eye strain.’
    • ‘The children suffered from eye strain, headaches, leg and shoulder pain, malaria, discoloration of hair, rotten teeth and dysentery.’
    • ‘Stress, lack of sleep, eye strain or even hunger can trigger a nasty tension headache.’
    • ‘Among the health hazards at the office is eye strain, which can result from the glare of a computer terminal caused by the angle of the light source in an office.’
    • ‘Now, the simple fact of eye strain has become symptomatic of something deeper than just staring at a computer monitor.’
    • ‘The statement suggests that computer use should be objectively assessed for potential negative impacts, such as eye strain, repetitive stress injuries and obesity.’
    • ‘The sun's rays, either direct or bounced off the ground, affect the skin and can produce eye strain or temporarily impair vision.’
    • ‘It's not just headaches, eye strain and backache.’
    • ‘However, it is not a restful light source and can cause eye strain and headaches, partly because of the perpetual flicker.’
    • ‘His head ached from eye strain; the light was not good today, a dank, dark infusion of hovering clouds.’
    • ‘Addicts will also suffer medical conditions bought on by constantly being on the internet such as eye strain, back ache and sleep deprivation.’
    • ‘Another source of eye strain may be the position of your computer monitor.’
    • ‘She acknowledges that it can simply be harder to read long pieces online, noting the hassles of dial-up connections and the inevitable eye strain.’
    • ‘I am 41 years old and work in a bank and experience blurred vision and eye strain after working for four to five hours.’
    • ‘I got eye strain as a child because I would never go straight to sleep, but would read under the covers.’
    • ‘At points during the course I suffered from a bit of eye strain as I raced through page after page.’
    • ‘The company also claims that eye strain is replacing carpal tunnel syndrome as the major complaint of office workers.’