Meaning of eye tooth in English:

eye tooth


  • A canine tooth, especially one in the upper jaw.

    ‘What would the difference be between the left eye tooth and the right eye tooth?’
    • ‘He smiled a dark smile showing a mouth full of pearl white teeth with a set of elongated eye teeth and canines and held out his hand.’
    • ‘He drew his mouth back into a sneer, revealing his menacing canine eye teeth.’
    • ‘I think the last of Frank's teeth are starting to come in - the eye teeth both up and down.’
    • ‘Because of gaps where teeth were extracted to make space, when I was ten, my eye teeth are disproportionately long, and I think they're getting longer.’
    • ‘Her eye teeth were longer and sharper than before.’
    • ‘The thing that caught my eye was her eye teeth, how large they were.’


    give one's eye teeth for
    • Do anything in order to have or be something.

      ‘I'd give my eye teeth to be going to sea’
      • ‘Two intelligent, independent individuals share their lives and a relationship which many couples would give their eye teeth for.’
      • ‘Her childhood was one any novelist would give his eye teeth for.’
      • ‘There are certainly no fillers amongst this lot; even the drum solo number sounds like something most bands would give their eye teeth for.’
      • ‘The smash and grab antics of sea trout as they snatch your fly and tear away into the bladderwrack is a heart stopping experience most trout anglers would give their eye teeth for.’
      • ‘There are towns like Watchet all over Britain, left high and dry as local industries have failed, who'd give their eye teeth for the development funds available here.’
      • ‘‘Most other communities would give their eye teeth for a downtown airport,’ said Ehlers, who called the historic lakeside field a ‘jewel.’’
      • ‘For that one day of the year you would have given your eye teeth for your father to work there.’
      • ‘Believe me, managers around the world would give their eye teeth to learn how we do it.’
      • ‘All I can say is that both directors would have given their eye teeth to work with actors this good.’
      • ‘American Ballet Theatre, for instance, would give its eye teeth to land the talented young Spaniard.’