Meaning of eyeball to eyeball in English:

eyeball to eyeball

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  • Face to face with someone, especially in an aggressive way.

    ‘he wheeled round to confront John eyeball to eyeball’
    • ‘an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation’
    • ‘But for the West to go eyeball to eyeball with Putin over the outcome merely complicates Ukraine's domestic problems and takes East-West relations back a dangerous step to the bad old days.’
    • ‘For a first time spectator, it's the only phrase that seems suitable because the sight of bigger than average, fully grown men slugging it out, eyeball to eyeball, is as engrossing as sport could possibly be.’
    • ‘Queues of angry motorists grew behind the horsebox drivers, who sounded their horns and pulled up eyeball to eyeball outside the yard where City of York councillors were making a planning site visit.’
    • ‘Then defence secretary Robert McNamara said of the crisis: ‘We were eyeball to eyeball and the other fellow just blinked.’’
    • ‘But, toward the end, a 2 metre hammerhead shimmies by and for a wonderful second I am eyeball to eyeball with one of nature's most unusual creations.’
    • ‘But the one that still rankles is the time back in the fall of 1966 when he went eyeball to eyeball with Shawn - and blinked.’
    • ‘But I tell you what, it comes down to people getting eyeball to eyeball and talking about things that matter for everybody.’
    • ‘This will be hand-to-hand combat, eyeball to eyeball.’
    • ‘Keep the principal people from coming eyeball to eyeball and doing dumb things when they talk to each other.’
    • ‘We will discuss all of these items with the Chinese, but we'll do it straight up, eyeball to eyeball.’
    stand up to, outface, cow, overawe, intimidate, browbeat, confront, beard, outstare, stare down, stare out, defy