Meaning of eyebrow pencil in English:

eyebrow pencil


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  • A cosmetic pencil for defining or accentuating the eyebrows.

    ‘Make sure you have the basic tools: tweezers, cuticle scissors, clear mascara, a white eye pencil and an eyebrow pencil or powder.’
    • ‘A top tip was using an eyebrow pencil to help define the eyes and to use a brown eye pencil rather than a blue one.’
    • ‘If you make a mistake when plucking your eyebrows, don't panic, there are things on the market now for patching up but you can just use your mascara and an eyebrow pencil.’
    • ‘The innovative eyebrow pencil combines the benefits of a pencil and powder applicator.’
    • ‘Purchase an eyebrow pencil the same shade as your hair making sure the pencil is hard, test on the back of your hand.’
    • ‘I only use an eyebrow pencil to fill in my sparse eyebrows.’
    • ‘Just groom the eyebrow with an eyebrow brush and apply an eyebrow pencil to the area, making sure that the whole area is shaded evenly.’
    • ‘Wrapping my towel a little tighter around my body, I made my way toward the door, an eyebrow pencil wedged between my lips.’
    • ‘Now draw in a new brow line with an eyebrow pencil.’
    • ‘You can also use colored eyebrow pencils that match the color of your facial hair to fill in any blank spots.’
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