Meaning of eyelid in English:



  • Each of the upper and lower folds of skin which cover the eye when closed.

    • ‘You may develop loose folds of skin on the upper eyelids and deep creases on the lower lids.’
    • ‘In some cases, hanging skin over the upper eyelid can be removed to restore peripheral vision.’
    • ‘There are a number of procedures used to restore the function of the upper eyelid but the lower eyelid is often ignored.’
    • ‘Then, the superior portion of the excision is always in the thin skin of the eyelid.’
    • ‘The oil layer is secreted by 16 to 20 glands in the eyelids called the meibomian glands.’
    • ‘Because when you sleep, your eye breathes from the eyelid, it gets its oxygen from the eyelid.’
    • ‘You don't want to pull the cheek up, take skin out of the lower eyelid and then find out it doesn't hold.’
    • ‘Thinking this was caused by excess skin in her right upper eyelid, her doctor referred her to the eye services routinely.’
    • ‘You float there feeling the hot sun on your body, the blue sky filtering through your closed eyelids.’
    • ‘She gave a friendly smile but her eyelids were lowered which was a sign of hostility.’
    • ‘My tears sting my eyelids, the torn skin with the laces rubbing my eyes raw on the inside.’
    • ‘His head began to throb painfully and he felt the eyelid under the laceration lower in reaction.’
    • ‘A sad look crept onto his face, and a black eyelid slid down to cover his one eye.’
    • ‘Eyeballs can blister and eyelids seal up, and life expectancy can be significantly reduced.’
    • ‘If a growth on the eyelid does not go away after several weeks, a doctor may need to treat it or remove it.’
    • ‘Call the doctor at once if the eyelid and area around the eye is swollen, red, or tender.’
    • ‘Plastic eyeshields, used over a taped eyelid, are a less hazardous alternative for people who smoke.’
    • ‘Ten days later he noticed drooping of his left eyelid and double vision.’
    • ‘Without batting an eyelid he pulled out a chest radiograph from behind his seat and asked us to look at it.’
    • ‘He had previously undergone insertion of a gold weight into the left upper eyelid.’