Meaning of eyepiece in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌɪpiːs/

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  • The lens or group of lenses that is closest to the eye in a microscope, telescope, or other optical instrument.

    Also called ocular

    ‘Now the endoscope consists of a series of rod lens and objective lens, eyepiece lens and optical fibres for illumination.’
    • ‘The horizontal length and vertical length of root elongation were measured under an optical microscope with a micrometer eyepiece.’
    • ‘I should know, for they do resemble out-of-focus star images at high magnification in a telescope eyepiece.’
    • ‘This was carried out using an eyepiece from a telescope, an optical instrument with a longer pedigree than the microscope.’
    • ‘Measurements of pollen tube length were recorded directly by an ocular micrometer fitted to the eyepiece of the microscope.’
    • ‘Regardless of the implement used, the prosector will perform the best microdissection while looking through the eyepieces of the microscope.’
    • ‘Measurements of tooth base dimensions were made using digital calipers and/or a measuring eyepiece and dissecting microscope.’
    • ‘The pollen diameter was recorded in units with the aid of a micrometer placed in the eyepiece of the microscope and later transformed into millimeters.’
    • ‘Shipping case, soft carrying case, eyepiece and objective lens cap, and arctic adapter assembly are authorized ancillary items.’
    • ‘Density of stomata was determined under the microscope using a eyepiece graticule.’
    • ‘The eyepiece in the telescope performs the magnification.’
    • ‘Then, going into one of the drawers, he took out an eyepiece fitted with a lens, a locking clamp, and a rock-hammer.’
    • ‘Some manufacturers also started producing telescopes with interchangeable eyepieces, giving a choice of fixed focus or zoom and, later, wide-angle.’
    • ‘The wide angle increases the field of view by roughly 20 percent over a standard eyepiece of the same magnification.’
    • ‘A microscope with a calibrated eyepiece micrometer was used to measure the spheroid diameter.’
    • ‘This showed a dark-suited gentleman, reclining languidly on a cushioned backrest, gazing through the eyepiece of an immense telescope.’
    • ‘Hamilton was so nervous in her presence that he broke the eyepiece of the telescope whilst trying to give her a demonstration.’
    • ‘Measurements were made using a light microscope equipped with an eyepiece micrometer.’
    • ‘There is a central hole in the main mirror through which the light passes and is brought to a focus by an eyepiece lens.’
    • ‘If the laparoscope has an eyepiece through which the surgeon looks, the eyepiece likely will contact the surgeon.’