Meaning of eyewash in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌɪwɒʃ/

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mass noun
  • 1Cleansing lotion for a person's eye.

    ‘Lillie Tilley, who lives half a block from the fence line, gets eyewash by the boxful at the local dollar store.’
    • ‘The publisher of the Miami Herald, visiting New York, hands out eyewash and alcohol swabs, unloads trash bins, refills a huge coffee urn.’
    • ‘To make your own eyewash, simply dilute five drops of a tincture of goldenseal, an antibacterial herb, in warm water.’
    • ‘Another lineup of tables offers eyewash, footpads, hand creams, aspirins and other health items.’
    • ‘That eyewash quickly eased Richardson's discomfort, and, after 15 minutes of flushing, he was ready for transport to medical.’
    • ‘This medication can be used as daily eyewash to strengthen vision, counteract many eye defects and eliminate redness and soreness.’
    • ‘You might want to keep some good antiseptic eyewash on hand for afterwards though - this is sure to irritate your eyes which might lead to an infection.’
    • ‘He also procured over $1,000 worth of safety equipment for shop personnel (fire extinguishers, face shields, ear plugs, eyewash solution, and other housekeeping items).’
    • ‘These include fire extinguishers, decontamination showers, eyewash stations, chemical drainage grates and positive-pressure ventilation systems.’
    • ‘Ewart points to the inclusion of a fume hood and eyewash station as important to the overall safety factor.’
    • ‘They were right there, got the eyewash out, and got me cleaned up and on my way.’
    • ‘The finely filtered decoction can be used as a morning eyewash.’
    • ‘The resultant tea is used to sprinkle over the eyes or used in an eyewash in an eyecup that can be readily purchased at most drug stores.’
    • ‘If ground basil is all that is available in your area, it can be used for all of the above problems EXCEPT as an eyewash!’
    • ‘Coptis, which is yellow, is used as an eyewash for the inflammation of the eye lid.’
  • 2 informal Insincere talk; nonsense.

    • ‘all that stuff about blood being thicker than water was a lot of eyewash’
    • ‘They assumed that this inquiry would be an eyewash and they would be let go scot free.’
    • ‘Ardent bikers feel that all the action in the two-wheeler market is only an eyewash.’
    • ‘In the past 18 years, there have been as many commissions, each one of them an eyewash.’
    • ‘The whole concept of a ‘benevolent dictatorship’ is an eyewash.’
    • ‘Reservation of screens should not end up being just an eyewash.’
    • ‘Or are these guys just spouting eyewash that they have no real basis for believing?’
    • ‘I want to fill you in on a few of the details so you won't think this is the usual election year eyewash.’
    • ‘The eyewash of the trial of the accused US marine is really a farce.’
    • ‘If Stephenson, who writes at enormous length, is considered to be such a hotshot then do we have to admit that the suggested general rule is a load of eyewash?’
    • ‘This eyewash is integral to the whole imperial project of the ‘civilising mission’, a kind of experience that lends support to the benevolence of western powers.’
    • ‘Official claims that the majority of Turks are well integrated here are pure eyewash.’
    prattle, chatter, twitter, babble, talk, prating, gabble, jabber, blether, rambling