Meaning of eyewear in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌɪwɛə/


mass noun
  • Things worn on the eyes, such as spectacles and contact lenses.

    ‘People with long-sightedness usually need to wear corrective eyewear such as glasses or contact lenses to read, write and carry out detailed tasks.’
    • ‘We strongly recommend that people who have had severe injury to one of their eyes wear protective eyewear at all times.’
    • ‘This can help you decide between coated dielectric, glass, or polymer eyewear.’
    • ‘The main types of protective eyewear are safety glasses, safety goggles and face shields.’
    • ‘He made himself larger than life in multi-storey platforms and drew attention to his glasses, rather than his short-sightedness, with flamboyant eyewear.’
    • ‘Protective eyewear - such as sun filters and welder's glasses - is essential to prevent damage to the eye.’
    • ‘Prior to their introduction there was no racing eyewear which conformed to the EU standards for eyewear.’
    • ‘The new eyewear can be broken down into two categories - spectacles or goggles.’
    • ‘Whether it is funky or elegantly dreamy, avant-garde designs and expressive concepts in eyewear continue to attract modern men and women.’
    • ‘You probably don't think eyewear is so important in the winter season, but it is becoming more and more important as an accessory to express personal style.’
    • ‘None wore protective eyewear, with the exception of the occasional pair of cheap, blue-tinted sunglasses worn far down on the nose.’
    • ‘Maybe you have an issue with designer eyewear; I don't.’
    • ‘‘I don't think there's been a new design in eyewear since the early Nineties,’ says Claire.’
    • ‘Jack doesn't wear protective eyewear when he's drilling either, and I couldn't let that one slide without comment.’
    • ‘From undergarments to belts to eyewear, they are all available.’
    • ‘I accepted my fate, paid up and looked happy and today was summoned to collect this new eyewear.’
    • ‘Get down to the opticians and sort yourself out with some eyewear.’
    • ‘There are almost no accessories on the runway - just shoes, belt and lots of eyewear.’
    • ‘Protective eyewear is recommended for persons participating in contact sports, especially if they have moderate or severe myopia.’
    • ‘Protective equipment such as wet suits, gloves, boots, eyewear and helmets may be appropriate to wear.’