Meaning of eyewitness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌɪˌwɪtnɪs/

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  • A person who has seen something happen and can give a first-hand description of it.

    as modifier ‘ eyewitness accounts of the London blitz’
    • ‘I make the observation that very rarely is there an eyewitness to offences of this type.’
    • ‘Getting firsthand accounts from eyewitnesses is paramount to the story, noted Benedict.’
    • ‘The petition referred to eyewitnesses reporting his later detention, harsh interrogation and cruel torture.’
    • ‘So there is no doubt in the whole wide world the prosecution must tell you about all eyewitnesses, and they did not.’
    • ‘The conviction was based on the evidence of eyewitnesses, none of whom saw the knife in the hands of anyone but the appellant.’
    • ‘As is usual in cases involving allegations of sexual contact with children, there were no eyewitnesses.’
    • ‘Tom and Gerry were eyewitnesses to the incident and both made statements to the police which they subsequently signed.’
    • ‘Both girls were in attendance and eyewitnesses to the assault and reportedly said so quite clearly.’
    • ‘I am going to deal with the evidence that you heard of the eyewitnesses.’
    • ‘You cannot have a rule, which is set in stone, that in every case you have to have an eyewitness that corroborates.’
    • ‘The only eyewitness to that was Brad Townsend who put it at 12.30 am when he saw him at the door.’
    • ‘The brother, whilst intoxicated, was an eyewitness and his evidence was important.’
    • ‘The eyewitness gives a version of events different from that of the complainant.’
    • ‘Several eyewitnesses reported observing the airplane flying over the city prior to the accident.’
    • ‘There were no arrests and the protest was described by an eyewitness as ‘angry, but peaceful’.’
    • ‘Two armed men, described by eyewitnesses as being of African descent, got out and started shooting at the group.’
    • ‘Several eyewitnesses testified against Sophonow but there were problems with each one.’
    • ‘Another eyewitness described the dangers immigrants faced at the border fence.’
    • ‘One eyewitness described how the man took three shocks from the controversial weapon but said it had little effect.’
    • ‘The prosecution produced no eyewitnesses or physical evidence linking them to the crime.’
    observer, onlooker, witness, looker-on, bystander, spectator, watcher, viewer, passer-by
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