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  • Used as a euphemism for the word ‘fuck’ because of the latter's taboo status.

    • ‘these days, F-words no longer horrify so many people’
    • ‘I would like to see notices, or even laws, prohibiting the use of the F-word and other obscenities in all public places.’
    • ‘Teenage speech in Greenock includes the F-word as verb, adjective, adverb, or expletive in almost every sentence.’
    • ‘Indeed, since today's universal F-words have largely surrendered their old power to shock or even, perhaps, to intensify, it would be good to see some of the old expletives creeping back into the language.’
    • ‘Obligatory F-words notwithstanding, it's an old-fashioned play, and a bit square - not in its subject matter so much as in its sense of humor.’
    • ‘There obviously aren't 3,168 F-words in it, there couldn't be that many in two hours even if that was the only word which was sung.’
    • ‘Apart from the millions of F-words, I didn't enjoy its delving into the teenage sub-culture.’
    • ‘Usually, I'm pretty careful about the F-word, but when an opportunity like this one presents itself, it's hard to resist…’
    • ‘Besides violence, another ingredient which these hip hop groups have in common in the lyrics to their ‘songs’ are liberal use of the F-word and aggressive, sexually explicit and degrading references to women.’
    • ‘Needless to say, when my visit makes it on to the Tuesday late edition of the show, they have cut out the F-word.’
    • ‘Curtis, too, seems content to trade on the familiar, using the F-word to comic effect once again and throwing in enough chases down streets after loved ones, and last-minute airport dashes, to have you baying for some restraint.’
    • ‘I'm a prude, I don't say the F-word, but… I'm also an American and my likes and dislikes are my own, I don't impose them on others.’
    • ‘You go walk in the city centre of York and hear couples with young children using the F-word.’
    • ‘People who have been fighting in the trenches for a long, long time, as well as newcomers to politics who got their first taste of bitter defeat against the forces of the F-word.’
    • ‘Controversy concerning social realities, both implicit and explicit in the F-word, may also account for getting a record number of people out to vote.’
    • ‘Now the F-word has become almost a badge of honour.’
    • ‘He is a likeable man, warm and friendly, talking at machine-gun pace, telling one story after another and finding ever more inventive uses for the F-word.’
    • ‘Aged nine in 1971, I had never even heard of the F-word.’
    • ‘What set it off was the use of the F-word on prime-time television.’
    • ‘However, we consistently leverage F-words to get our clients television, radio and print coverage.’