Meaning of fa'a Samoa in English:

fa'a Samoa

Pronunciation /ˌfɑː ˈsɑːməʊə/


mass nounNew Zealand
  • The Samoan culture or way of life.

    ‘the novel depicts the strictures of fa'a Samoa’
    • ‘All Samoans adhere to a set of core social values and practices known as fa'a Samoa and speak the Samoan language.’
    • ‘New Zealand Samoans continue to keep fa'a Samoa - Samoan ways - even though today over half the New Zealand community is born here.’
    • ‘I cringe when I hear apologists justifying his behaviour on the grounds that we misunderstand fa'a Samoa where it is customary to make a gift in appreciation of assistance from others.’
    • ‘The Fa'a Samoa, or traditional Samoan way, remains a strong force in Samoan life and politics.’
    • ‘A "good" child is alert and intelligent and shows deference, politeness, and obedience to elders and respect for Samoan custom (aganu'u fa'a samoa) and Christian principles and practices.’
    • ‘Satoa is steeped in fa'a Samoa - the traditional Samoan way - and although the relatively new Christian religion is in its ascendancy, the old gods still cast long shadows.’
    • ‘The fa'a Samoa (the Samoan way of life) is entrenched in aiga or family.’
    • ‘The population of Samoa Islands is approximately 250,000 sharing a common language, Samoan, a culture, known as fa'a Samoa and an indigenous form of governance called fa'amatai.’
    • ‘The proper fa'a Samoa is that a fa'afafine belongs to that family and that heritage.’
    • ‘Respect for elders is the most crucial aspect of the fa'a Samoa.’


1920s Samoan.