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Pronunciation /ˈfeɪbəld/

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  • 1Famous, especially by reputation.

    ‘a fabled art collection’
    • ‘Darren Yeadon has spent the past two years in Italy working with marble from Carrara, which has gained a fabled reputation among sculptors across the globe.’
    • ‘The regiment's mission placed it firmly and directly astride the famous, fabled, historic Fulda Gap.’
    • ‘Moreover, a shaky economy a weak American dollar and declining tourism are hurting sales at some of Paris's fabled art galleries.’
    • ‘By this time, Khardzhiev's expertise and fabled collection had become the object of pilgrimages by scholars from both East and West.’
    • ‘Among the highlights of Crane's collection were the fabled Bayard Album (a unique cache of early salt prints and cyanotypes) and rare daguerreotypes, including a portrait of Edgar Allan Poe.’
    • ‘The fabled financier noted that he was paying $2,264 for a year's worth of property taxes on a Southern California home valued at $4 million.’
    • ‘The fabled and celebrated people of New York do not as a rule live in those neighborhoods; but ordinary people do, and life there is not the same as it is in, say, the East 60s or the West Side of Manhattan.’
    • ‘He'd explore the catacomb level underneath the arena and end up sitting at the knees of fabled celebrities.’
    • ‘Like Bob Dylan's fabled '70s concerts with his famous poet and singer friends, this is his own ‘Rolling Thunder’ tour.’
    • ‘I still hated the fame and the meager prestige that the title of the one fabled to bring down the government had given me, but I was the more uncomfortable by the fact that I knew that I wasn't the one by myself.’
    • ‘The presence of these armaments in the hands of civilian officers has disabled any last thought that the fabled Posse Comitatus Act might save the populace from the deadly force designed to vanquish foreign armies.’
    • ‘Tutankhamun's short life has fascinated people since his tomb was discovered in 1922 in the fabled Valley of the Kings in the southern Egyptian city of Luxor by British archaeologist Howard Carter.’
    • ‘We wanted some payola, one of those fabled press trips where someone peels your grapes, plies you with fine wines then bores you slowly to death detailing the intricacies of cheese-making in the Loire Valley while you feign great interest.’
    • ‘It's the fabled Cilician Gates that gave Alexander access to the wealth of Asia, a great, cleaving gap in a mountain range, like a paling missing in a fence, and through it is a sunlit plain beyond, stretching to the horizon.’
    • ‘Facing record property tax demands and winter storm repair bills, some of Hollywood's best-known celebrities are turning landlord for the summer - and renting out their homes along the fabled Malibu shore.’
    • ‘Even the untrained eye can easily spot that Greig has officially achieved that fabled goal of ‘making it’ in London.’
    • ‘On the other side of the spectrum, ‘You Will Always Be The Same’ finds our young squire penning some of his best work since that fabled debut album.’
    • ‘At the time, Neil was fabled for his ‘morale boosting’ presentations delivered from a podium in the new Scotsman building's atrium.’
    • ‘Of course he has never been particularly fabled for his infallibility.’
    • ‘Otters are fabled as Britain's most secretive creatures and were believed to live only in a few small pockets in Britain's remotest parts.’
    • ‘The tall, lanky boy brushed her off and leaned against one of the legendary, fabled songstones.’
    celebrated, renowned, famed, famous, well known, prized, rightly prized, much publicized, noted, notable, distinguished, acclaimed, illustrious, pre-eminent, prominent, great, esteemed, prestigious, well thought of, of note, of consequence, of repute, of high standing
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  • 2Mythical; imaginary.

    ‘the fabled kingdom’
    • ‘The fabled wealth of Ethiopia pre-dates the medieval Prester John legend by many centuries.’
    • ‘Many legends have spoke on its great and fabled powers, saying that it has the ability to drop gold and prolong life, so on.’
    • ‘He relinquishes this fabled sword to fellow esteemed warrior Yu Shu Lien, who he has loved in secret just as she has loved him.’
    • ‘Obliquely, the image relates to the three graces, the inspirational grouping of three fabled figures, an image that enjoyed great popularity in European art through the 18th Century.’
    • ‘When the family goes to town, Miles is imparted with a carving of the fabled Wendigo - an avenging part man, part stag, part demon - by a wise-old-sage tribesman who, sure enough, no one else sees.’
    • ‘At the time President Jefferson himself entertained notions that fabled creatures like woolly mammoths might still live in the huge wilderness he had recently claimed with a stroke of his pen.’
    • ‘The discovery of what appear to be the remains of a city off the Cuban coast by a group of Canadian researchers has fired the imaginations of many who have begun dreaming that fabled Atlantis could have been a reality.’
    • ‘Long after the kingdoms of southern Arabia disappeared, the fabled riches of the region live on in the popular imagination.’
    • ‘The Venice we see here, through the prism of Scottish fantasies, is a fabled city of delight, that glass goblet as stupendous as a Titian.’
    • ‘The new regional assembly buildings rival the imaginary palaces of the fabled kings of Eldorado and the lost city of Atlantis, making the opulence of Nebuchadnezzar seem modest by comparison.’
    • ‘They found an echo in the resounding applause of hundreds of people who saw for themselves the fabled martial art form of ‘Malkambh’ being relived.’
    • ‘Thus some people could infer, or imagine having glimpsed, the fabled lake creature.’
    • ‘I peered over the rock which me and Sara were heroically hiding behind to get a good look at the fabled creatures.’
    • ‘The friar called them Amazons, after the fabled female warriors of Greek mythology, and the Amazon River was named for them.’
    • ‘But perhaps the most persistent legend is that of their fabled treasure.’
    legendary, mythical, mythic, mythological, fabulous, folkloric, fairy-tale, heroic, traditional
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