Meaning of fabulation in English:


Pronunciation /fabjʊˈlɛɪʃ(ə)n/


See fabulate

‘A sharper editorial overseer would help chisel Randerson's ambitious but oblique fabulations into shape; such an eye might also have caught several typos.’
  • ‘Indeed, literature is full of fabulations wherein the world of a rat or dog is opened up magically to our vision.’
  • ‘Reports on clinical findings are mixtures of facts, fabulations, and fictives so intermingled that one cannot tell where one begins and the other leaves off ’.’
  • ‘The lyricism of the writing is, indeed, a source of ‘beauty and magic’ in the book, but balancing this tendency toward fabulation are the detailed depictions of daily life in the 1920s Delta.’
  • ‘‘Our panic and our pain are only eased by soothing fabulation; we call it history’.’