Meaning of fabulosity in English:


Pronunciation /fabjʊˈlɒsɪti/


See fabulous

‘But at the newspaper, where everybody is a class valedictorian or expects to be treated like one, the savvy thing for the new editor to do is to come in and proclaim the paper is fabulous and that we will lead it to greater fabulosity.’
  • ‘I never used to feel fabulous or truly at peace with myself… but you are one of the people who've helped me find that inner fabulosity within myself and let it come out.’
  • ‘The bald truth about these inventories, known to anyone who does achieve true fabulosity by age 30, is the only list worth adhering to is one of your own devising.’
  • ‘It was almost like we were outdoing each other with the fabulosity of our presents.’
  • ‘The reporter known as Cojo is arguably as famous as many of the actors he interviews with his signature blend of flattery and fabulosity.’