Meaning of face guard in English:

face guard


  • A protective covering or mask for the face, worn especially when playing sport or working with hazardous substances.

    ‘the player was wearing a specially designed face guard to protect his fractured cheekbone’
    • ‘Every college player here in the USA wears a full face guard.’
    • ‘The ICC should introduce some sort of face guard for bowlers.’
    • ‘Staff practised donning and doffing safety gear, including full-body protective jumpsuits, face guards and specially fitted masks.’
    • ‘The next day, the government upped the ante, sending riot police with black shields and plastic face guards to the neighbourhood.’
    • ‘Despite the high number of injuries, mouth and face guards are rarely used in Swedish ice hockey.’
    • ‘In fact, helmets and face guards were not mandatory until 1943 - four years after they became mandatory for collegiate football.’
    • ‘He believes he'll wear a face guard when he bats, and is considering several options.’
    • ‘The club's 24-year-old first-line center returned for all five games of the Cup final, playing with a protective face guard.’
    • ‘He designed a face guard of clear polycarbonate so it wouldn't be seen from a distance.’
    • ‘I was wearing a helmet, full face guard and everything, but my head hit the ice and I kind of felt my brain shake a little bit.’