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face pack


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  • A cosmetic preparation spread over the face and left for some time to cleanse and improve the condition of the skin.

    ‘she was applying a face pack’
    • ‘weekly face packs are beneficial’
    • ‘A face pack was applied and I lay there for several minutes caked in, er, stuff with soaked cotton wool on my eyes.’
    • ‘Every few days, I have to soften up my feet, exfoliate and moisturise my whole body and find time for a face pack.’
    • ‘Because we live in a tropical climate I think our skin needs cleaning more often and a face pack once a week or a fortnight can leave you feeling good and refreshed.’
    • ‘We did the pictures in London, and while it was unusual to be standing there with a full face pack on I was still really pleased to have been given the contract.’
    • ‘It also makes a good face pack; my grandmother swore by it and was still beautiful at 99 complaining at being chased around the nursing home by a 70-year-old man!’
    • ‘My grandmother is 99 years old and has always used ‘egg whites’ as a face pack and she's still beautiful.’
    • ‘They all went home for a shower, a face pack and some light relief.’
    • ‘If you have more time, take an aroma therapy oil rub on your body, get a facial followed by a beauty sleep leaving the face pack on.’
    • ‘While you are relaxing in this wonderful bath don't forget to use one of the face pack recipes that I have given you previously, this is an ideal opportunity for that quiet time.’
    • ‘After massaging my face, neck and arms for what felt like a blissful half hour she applied a fruity strawberry and vanilla face pack, lip rescue balm and apricot eye pads.’
    • ‘For a home-made tomato face pack, make a paste of tomato pulp with yoghurt.’
    • ‘One can also pick up the herbs for mind power and hair care, herbal face pack, henna, shampoo and cream, biotone for weight reduction, cutex, sunny balm and much more.’
    • ‘Treatment for dry skin - Apply face packs made from the yolk of an egg into which a few drops of lemon juice have been beaten.’
    • ‘Blancmange face packs are an effective beauty treatment.’
    • ‘I also spent a small fortune in Lush Soap, bath bars, bath bombs and chocolate face packs.’
    • ‘The shop also has face packs, amla power, henna power, honey (of Girijan co-operative society), all for rates that could be dubbed starkly cheap when compared to the exorbitant beauty parlour rates.’