Meaning of face plant in English:

face plant

(also face-plant)

Pronunciation /ˈfeɪsplɑːnt/

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  • An instance of falling face first into or on to something.

    • ‘a face plant to the ground left me with a scar’
    • ‘Roberts did a face plant in the snow’
    • ‘I saw him walk right off the stage and do a face plant in the middle of the dance floor.’
    • ‘They don't notice the dog leash until the last moment, and they have to vault over it or do a face plant.’
    • ‘She narrowly avoided an embarrassing face-plant as she misstepped on to the stage during her introduction.’
    • ‘I made my son ride the scooter and he did a major face plant on the sidewalk.’
    • ‘I ran to help him and went flying did a faceplant onto our concrete steps, so finally reached him gushing blood all over my face.’
    • ‘Kirsten explains that she's not much into heels and the boots ensured she wouldn't do a face plant as she walked the uneven terrain.’
    • ‘I tried a wheelie with a city bike and the front wheel came off and I did a faceplant.’
    • ‘The best part is that a family beach vacation yields memories for years to come—especially if you are lucky enough to witness your teenager do a face plant.’
    • ‘We don't want you getting hurt or doing a face plant.’
    • ‘Photographers had to make do with a dramatic face-plant when he lost his footing running into the box.’


[no object]informal
  • Fall face first into or on to something.

    • ‘he fell off the bottom step of the stairs and face-planted on the floor’
    • ‘I thought it might be easier to go fast but that's when I caught my downhill edge and face-planted.’
    • ‘Timmy just face-planted down the stairs.’
    • ‘His foot caught on one of the hurdles-cum-barricades and he face-planted, hard, on the concrete.’
    • ‘She trips, face-plants, and sobs uncontrollably.’
    • ‘She almost face-planted after she came off her Segway at the festival over the weekend’
    • ‘One fan took a tumble and face-planted on the cold New York city street.’
    • ‘He was holding the adorable pooch on a lead but seemed destined to faceplant onto the pavement as he struggled for control.’
    • ‘I'm less liable to face plant on the floor and thereby concuss myself.’
    • ‘He spectacularly face planted on his second run.’
    • ‘The ladder I was stepping onto sunk into the wet ground, causing me to face plant onto the ground.’