Meaning of face the music in English:

face the music


  • Be confronted with the unpleasant consequences of one's actions.

    ‘we would later have to face the music over our bold moves’
    • ‘But unless you are in the top 50 then you have to face the music, and the music is that you're not in the tournament.’
    • ‘This is my fear - being confronted with my irresponsibility, facing the music of my selfishness, learning that I've been caught doing my most embarrassing action.’
    • ‘The main perpetrator has not been found and Shane is here facing the music.’
    • ‘Instead of facing the music, the multibillionaire decamped for Switzerland, beyond the reach of U.S. law.’
    • ‘The bottom line is that athletes need to clean up, start facing the music and actually start acting like role models.’
    • ‘The defendant acknowledged what he did was wrong, had not sought to distance himself and was facing the music.’
    • ‘There's an anonymous quote which goes: ‘A real leader faces the music, even when he doesn't like the tune.’’
    • ‘‘I was scared witless, so I just sank a double brandy, said to myself it's now or never ’, and faced the music.’
    • ‘But a guitar-strumming member of the faithful political band has faced the music on a minor drugs charge.’
    • ‘Both those at the helm of affairs and those guilty of the crime would like to close the chapter either because it is too embarrassing an issue for them or because they may have to face the music if law takes its own course.’